What lengths ahead of time am I able to make an application for a tourist that is russian? – Moscow Forum

What lengths ahead of time am I able to make an application for a tourist that is russian? – Moscow Forum

I am planing a trip to Russia in July & would like to get my visa as soon as feasible in the event it can take a whilst.

Does anybody discover how far in advance you can do that? I have seen both ninety days & a few months – maybe perhaps perhaps not certain that its depending that is different on you will be from (i am Canadian). We tried calling ILS in Toronto however they did not actually answer fully the question obviously & i can not get the information on the Russian consular internet site.

Any assistance could be valued! Thanks!

Russians are bad, yet not that bad (joking). For legal reasons – a couple of months ahead of time, but because I travel extensively and this is the only time I’m home for a long time in the coming 6 months – do not see a reason why they will decline if you add a letter, saying, Mr. Consul, please issue me a tourist visa in advance. This could be real, in the event that you wouldn’t be Canadian – Canadian Embassy the following is regarded as one of many nastiest & most unwelcoming to Russian candidates (processing time 40 times!) of all of the Western countries, therefore Russians in Canada may be unfriendly as well – but nothing stops you against attempting! Enjoy!

Many thanks Vasily. I’m very sorry the Canadian embassy is unfriendly. That’s the reverse of most Canadians! But i believe we’ll hold back until three months before using in case.

Oh no. waytorussia detailed Sydney as being a hard consulate to cope with!

Canada did not result in the list!

This can be true, but some of us here have discovered informative data on some of those 3rd party websites – whom of course offer their solutions for the cost to simply help “ease” the procedure – to be at the best outdated, at worst, just incorrect. I’ve found my friendly (not necessarily!) Russian Consulate to not at all times be responsive, helpful, friendly, however got visa that is several them with no hitch, and without the need to utilize such a company.

90 days before your departure time. We have been making use of a company that has been recommended by Insight Vacation. The agency shall be mindful the page along with other information which can be needed. You simply have to offer image, along with your travel information. All The Best.

Many Thanks all for the data youtube com watch?v=NVTRbNgz2oos org.

We examined because of the Russian consulate in Ottawa plus they referred us to ILS Canada, whom said it really is 180 times now.

>>ILS Canada, whom said it really is 180 times now. Report content that is inappropriate

Thank you for the guidelines! Its good to understand the Ottawa workplace is friendly & competent. The Toronto you’ve got closed so i will be utilizing them (vis ILS).

Oh blimey, I happened to be hoping to get my visa (within the UK) in March to travel away in September . returning to the drawing board we guess.

The thing I discovered in the usa at the least is the fact that it isn’t always that you’d be refused out of control. I had this explained nicely to me personally they have this rule to ensure they give you timely solution to individuals who actually need it, perhaps not a person who merely to be safe decides they wish to use to date ahead of time. A chance was taken by me as soon as to show this by turning up in individual at an ILS workplace (and representative utilized by all US Consulates. Have one in each Consulate city) well in advance of date that is”earliest”. The area had been more or less empty, and so they joyfully, willingly evaluated and accepted my application. Had their been lines that are long i am certain they might have delivered me personally away.

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