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The Association Line Book

We all have memories from our days on the Squadron, I know I have and I have heard a few 'line shoots' at the annual gatherings, so I am sure there are hundreds of stories out there just waiting to be told.

Well here's your chance to share those sad, funny, poignant memories with the rest of us. Perhaps you were there when John Streeter, as a newly qualified pilot on his initial tour, had his first 'scramble'; Only to find after he had strapped in that his captain was Fred, the wet winching dummy. Or the time Dave Reid and Jolyon McClaine decided, for the first time ever, to follow the marshaller's bats to the letter. They spent 5 minutes going up and down as the marshaller tried to wave them in. It only ended when the marshaller threw the bats onto the pan, gave a non regulatory salute and stormed off the dispersal!

Can we perhaps jog a few memories and tempt you to submit your stories? All you have to do is send me an with your offerings and I will include it here on your page.

There is no restriction on how many you send in. Derogatory or defamatory remarks should be avoided if possible! If you feel the need, anonymity is guaranteed, and names can be changed to protect the guilty. Just
forward your collection to the webmaster, see contacts section for e-mail address, and sit back and wait for your contribution to appear

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