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What can The 202 Squadron Association offer me?

Membership of 202 Squadron Association entitles you:

  • To receive a free copy of the biannual ‘Mucky Duck’ publication, which contains articles about the Association’s activities, both past and planned, together with items of interest. We include news of serving and retired 202 Squadron Association members.  We currently have more than 150 members in the Association.

  • To attend the Annual Reunion, held in April/May each year. Some 100 members and partners take this opportunity to meet up with old friends.  Traditionally the format includes a visit to a place of interest, the Association's Annual General Meeting and Reunion Dinner in the evening. The location of the Reunion varies from year to year.

  • To wear the Association tie and other memorabilia.

  • To keep in touch with friends and make new friends with similar ethos and values.

Am I eligible to become a member?
There are 3 types of Membership:

  • Full membership is available for anyone of any rank who has served on 202 Squadron at any time in the role of aircrew or ground crew (military or contractor). You do not need to have served as officer.

  • Honorary Membership. The Annual General Meeting has the power to invite and enrol persons who have served the Association in a distinguished way as Honorary Members of the Association.

  • Associate Membership. Each year the Committee can enrol a number of Associate Members who have not served on 202 Squadron but may, for example, have relatives who have served on the Squadron.

How much does it cost to be a member?

  • The annual subscription for Full or Associate Membership of the Association is £10.00 payable by cheque or Standing Order.

How can I join?

  • If you would like to apply to join The 202 Squadron Association, please complete the Membership Form on our website

Membership of 202 Squadron for SKIOS Personnel

Since the introduction of contractors at first line as part of the Sea King Integrated Operational Support (SKIOS) contract, AgustaWestland and VT personnel have worked seamlessly 24/7 with their military colleagues in 202 Squadron to deliver operational search and rescue (SAR) capability.  At the Association annual general meeting on 26 April, the members of the 202 Squadron Association agreed to mark this close working relationship.  

At the Association AGM it was therefore proposed that the SKIOS personnel who directly support Number 202 Squadron in delivering SAR, in particular those SKIOS staff at Boulmer, Lossiemouth and Leconfield, should be offered the opportunity to join the 202 Squadron Association.  The proposal was  carried unanimously.

As the Chair of the Association it gives me great pleasure to write formally to you to inform you of this opportunity.  I have enclosed a flyer that explains both the benefits of Association membership and how to apply.

I look forward to SKIOS personnel joining the Association so that the close relationships that have been formed in the delivery of operational capability can be continued beyond the ending of military SAR.

Reply from SIOS Operational Manager

Dear Steve,

It was great to see you at the SAR dinner last week and I thank you, and the 202 Sqn Association, for extending this very great honour of membership of the association to SKIOS personnel who directly support the Sqn. I will ensure that all SKIOS personnel at Lossie, Boulmer and Leconfield are briefed and provided with copies of the Association Forms you forwarded to me. I hope that there will be a significant uptake as a mark of the very close relationship that exists between the operators and SKIOS personnel at 202 Sqn Locations.

The significance of the decision of the 202 Sqn Association at your AGM is gratefully acknowledged as a symbol of the integration, trust and friendships built up since 2008 between 202 Sqn and their engineers.

Very best regards,

SKIOS SAR Operations Manager

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